" Once upon a time... "

This is how the fables begin and this is how my fable begins. Yes, because once upon a time a very small slice machine which was so perfect that it made me fall in love with the miniature's world. My love for miniature started at the end of the eighties and after some years it stimulated me to try to miniaturize every thing possible. I've always been artistically inclined and I've always had a natura talent for manual activities and after some years of experience, I decided to make the big step, that is, to transform my hobby in my work. So I opened a shop called


Today this shop-laboratory is in some way both my life's cross and joy. My shop is unique in Italy, this kind of hobby have always been almost unknow here and only by now it's going to be appreciated and estimated from an artistic point of view. This thanks also to my friends, my customers and collectors who helped me to grow in this sense. When I'm in my shop in via Solari,12 in Milan, I feel to be like in a dream... When I see all around me the doll's houses, the shops and the different ambiences characterized by different styles and peridos which I have re-product in a very truly way in all the small characteristics, I feel so satisfied that I forget all the sacrificies that I do inevitabily for this work. I keep a very particular attention when I choose the objects which will take part of my collection and those which I produce in my laboratory. I want them realistic, tasteful, refined and I spend much time and energies supplying my shop at the best handcrfatsmen of rhe wordl in order to try to fulfill in the best way the thirst for new objects tipical of miniaturist collectors.